Doherty Smith & Associates is now Compass Consulting Surveyors

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Doherty Smith & Associates, Surveyors in Dubbo

Doherty Smith & Associates, while created in 2005, dates back to Surveyor Jeff Wilson, who opened his surveying practice in Wellington in 1980. Since 2005, the structure of the company has evolved and the time has come for growth!

Doherty Smith & Associates are anticipating the completion of our new office at Blueridge Business Park in September 2015. The new office will be modern and professional with facilities for our growing team. The office is located at 4/2 Blueridge Drive, Blueridge Business Park, Dubbo, near Anytime Fitness and Big Blue Digital.


We look forward to offering our services to new clients in Dubbo, from town planning to subdivision, construction setout to identification surveys, monitoring well location, PCA surveys, field data capture and much more. Our team is excited with the prospect of working with different clients in new locations.

If you are planning a project based in the Dubbo area which will require the services of a surveyor or town planner, contact Doherty Smith & Associates. Our existing clients often give us positive feedback on our professionalism, our friendly service and our timely completion of work. Our focus for all projects is on turning out the best quality work possible within the time frame required. Our adoption of modern technology means our staff have access to current information from almost any location.

Our field equipment includes robotic total stations which are operated remotely, ensuring that the surveyor supervising the work sees each mark measured and placed. We use GPS systems which utilise both the American GPS and Russian Glonass satellite systems, and CORSNET which allows accurate GPS measurements without setting up a base station and using a radio link. Even when measuring buildings, steel tapes are often replaced by hand-held laser distance measuring devices.

Modern software compliments the field equipment, with the integration of Civilcad for survey calculations and civil design, AutoCAD for drafting plans, AutoTrack for vehicle path analysis and Leica Geo Office for GPS data manipulation and export. Office systems include a phone call logging software, digital storage of data files and comprehensive checklists for quality assurance.  We have a quality assurance system in place which is independently audited by ASCIS NSW and have achieved the highest rating of Gold under that scheme in 2013.

Our staff are trained and regularly attend professional development seminars to ensure that they are aware of new equipment, software, methodology and legislation which may give advantage to our clients with their projects. Ongoing training is company policy for staff, who are all encouraged to study, train, or otherwise hone their skills whenever possible.

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