Doherty Smith use the latest equipment to set out engineering and construction works to high accuracy. With most construction projects, survey teams are required to place marks to ensure the structures are constructed in place and at the correct level. Compliance checks are undertaken at critical hold points during construction with verification against the design. Often, items such as hold-down bolts must be placed to very tight tolerances, and then surveyed after concrete is poured in order to ensure that their location and level is within the specified tolerances.

With the latest software and modern equipment, our field teams have extensive experience in setting out for construction and compliance checking of works. Instant confirmation in the field can be provided with compliance reports extracted directly from the instrument.

Setout works for mining, commercial projects, government projects, civil work and residential construction form part of our general workload. Doherty Smith & Associates has an extensive resume of construction work ranging from school additions, police stations and the Wellington Correctional Centre, setting out roads and other civil works to setting out houses for construction.

Our field crews have excellent equipment and processes in place that enable effective use of field time. Setout works are undertaken with precision and efficiency, verified with a robust quality assurance system.

The latest design and computation software is used to ensure each mark placed for construction relates correctly to the design. Repeated checks are undertaken throughout the calculation process and after fieldwork. Sketches showing the location and nature of marks placed are provided.