Subdivision and easement creation are the historical core business for Doherty Smith & Associates. While our expertise has diversified greatly, subdivision remains a core part of the practice. Neil Doherty has a well-deserved reputation as being an expert in subdivision work of all kinds, in particular rural subdivision. Since 2005, Doherty Smith & Associates has increased the knowledge base in the firm and now offer many varied subdivision based services to clients.


Doherty Smith perform urban residential subdivision work from planning and concept design to final linen plan preparation, rounding out the services offered with electronic lodgement of plans. Urban subdivision may be as simple as selling the back yard to the neighbor, or as complex as a multiple staged residential development extending over a long period of time.


Dedicated commercial or industrial subdivisions are a smart way to develop business-zoned land. Business park development combines many facets of the titling system and Doherty Smith & Associates can assist at every step. From subdivision to boundary adjustment,Community title to strata title development, we can assist.


Unit development, townhouses and strata subdivisions tend to go hand-in-hand. Doherty Smith & Associates have extensive experience in strata subdivision on new-built structures or established premises.


Community andNeighbourhood subdivisions offer a way to share community facilities while maintaining a traditional style subdivision format. Shared community facilities may include recreational facilities, parking areas, parkland, farmland including vineyards, water features or any one of a large number of items. Doherty Smith & Associates is happy to assist in community subdivision or neighbourhood subdivision for commercial, industrial, residential or rural-residential purposes.


Doherty Smith & Associates have in-depth knowledge and experience with easement creation by survey, transfer or compiled plan. We can assist with preparation of Section 88B instruments in draft form, or checking of instruments prior to plan lodgement.


Under State Environmental Planning Policy Exempt and Complying Development Codes 2008, some ‘Minor Boundary Adjustments’ are considered to be exempt development, meaning that no development application is required. Doherty Smith & Associates has been involved with exempt development minor boundary adjustments in several different local government areas and can offer advice and expertise on this topic. Typical examples of exempt development include subdivision for rural fire service sheds, road realignment, or minor realignment of boundaries in urban or rural areas. Minor boundary adjustments that are ruled to be exempt development can occur irrespective of the stated Minimum Lot Size for the land, even if there is a dwelling upon it, subject to some conditions. Doherty Smith & Associates works closely with Councils when dealing with exempt development of this nature to ensure the development goes ahead with minimum delay.